anyone missed me? cause I´m back again!

You know I couldn´t resist going back to GYS! Such a wonderful thing, and me being left on the outside, I don´t think so.

I´m in Sweden, so I can offer Swedish stuff, like:

- Swedish candy and snacks
- magazines
- crafty stuff - yarn, beads, fabric, patterns...
- food - spices, Kalles kaviar, cookies, whatever that´s shippable.
- postcards, stationary, stamps...
- souvenirs - moose, Dala-horses, vikings...
- my homemade stuff - totebags, felties, purses - make a wish, and you may have it come true!
- or if you´d like something else!

I´ve got a HUGE crush on Japan, so anything Japanese, please! Like:

- Cram Cream
- childrens bento boxes and accessories
- craft magazines and books
- Sanrio, Q-Lia and San-x stuff, I love Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Deery Lou and Mamegoma
- stationary (cute cartoony ones - kawaii-style)
- deco-tape
- crafty stuff: fabric, buttons, trims, yarn....
- re-ment (yeah, I´ve discovered them too...)
- candy and chocolate, I don´t mind if it´s kawaii!
- or if you have any ideas, my taste is very kawaii.
- And a bit out of style: things with pin-up girls!
- I´m going to make a quilt, so I´d love cotton fabric with small prints (roses, flowers, dots, stripes, checks...) in mainly pink and white, and some pale green and turquois.
- home made things

Looking forward to a fun swap!

NOTE:  I´ve got all the swaps I want, and more, for this year, so I won´t take on any more! And I probably won´t do GYS next year, so ask one of the other great swappers out there instead!

Postat av: Jody

Hey there! I'm Jody from Singapore and I'd really love to swap with you! I saw your hand-made felt stuff in your blog & I fell in love with it! Oh, you make tote bags too? (:
I can send you of Japanese cute stuff ranging from stationery to decorations. I can send you snacks too! Do drop me an email/comment! Thanks!


2006-12-21 @ 13:29:36
Postat av: Caroline

drop me a line if you want sawpping with me, i'm in France.

2007-01-02 @ 20:46:23
Postat av: Jessica Thompson

Hello! I just got into the "Gimme Your Stuff" thing. I'd love to do a fun exchange with you! You seem to be interested in most of the same things I'm interested in.
Let me know if you want to do a trade!
Jessica (Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

2007-01-13 @ 00:27:34
Postat av: karen

hello. i am karen from the philippines and i would love to swap with you. if you are interested, e-mail me at my swap list address is i am very interested in magazines, goodies and if you can create a mix cd for me of all Stina Nordenstam's songs. i don't have much japanese stuffs but i'll do anything to satisfy your interest. reply soon. happy swapping! -karen

2007-01-17 @ 03:47:53
Postat av: carla

hello! i would love to swap with you for fun! i live in the us and im very interested in this new thing that seems like so much fun! please write back if youre interested!

Postat av: karen

all i want is a mix CD of [all] the songs of Stina Nordenstam! swap with me!! =) i have alot of unique stuffs to offer

2007-01-22 @ 05:32:42
Postat av: karen

malin..i just e-mailed you. Stina Nordenstam mp3 would be okay. you don't have to ship anymore heavy things for me. i would just have to send you goodies and kawaii stuffs [like Hello Kitty perhaps!]. i appreciate what you've done with the cd. thank you sooo much. add a bit of candies/chocolates though. lol.

2007-01-29 @ 01:41:45
Postat av: Jo

Hi, I'm Jo in Shanghai, China. I dont mind being on your waiting list! I can send u a parcel that looked like it came from Japan...filled with HelloKitty & stuff! I'll look out for any CramCream too! Kekee... U can also email me at when my time comes! ;)

2007-01-31 @ 04:26:24
Postat av: margarida Martins

I'm Margarida From Portugal and I'm interested in swap with you

2007-02-02 @ 14:04:25
Postat av: Margarida Martins

I can wait for august!

2007-02-02 @ 17:44:53
Postat av: charlene

i'm charlene from Singapore. =) i'm new here but not featured at gimmeyourstuff yet. i'm interested in the items that u can offer and at the same time, i'm able to get the stuff that u'd love to receive. i know that you have done swaps with some singaporeans before but please do consider swapping with me!! =) visit my blog at and leave a comment! hope to hear from you soon. cheers!

2007-02-13 @ 02:04:05
Postat av: Nooozz

I have several swaps right now but I really did fell for your latest swap on Gimmeyourstuff so I would love to make one swap with you if you don't mind waiting till I finish some *_*
I'm from France but I can get you Japanese things from market in Paris' Japanese corner and all sorts of cute things.
Keep in touch!

2007-02-20 @ 23:38:38
Postat av: sara

Hi, I'm in the US and was wondering if you'd be interested in a swap? I live near a couple of stores that sell lots of cram cream goodies.

2007-02-28 @ 01:50:02
Postat av: Shiqin


i'm from Singapore and i'd love to swap with you (:
i can get you most things on your wishlist, especially fabrics; kitsch stuffs; accessories; stationary.

i hope to hear from you soon and i hope we have fun swapping!


2007-03-15 @ 20:28:52
Postat av: Shop.Inc


I'm from Singapore, and I was wondering if you'd like to swap :)

I noticed that you have many other Singaporeans who are interested in swapping as well, so I'll understand if you pass this chance up.

Anyway, if you are interested, I can get you some bento boxes. And definitely lots of Hello Kitty stuff! I could source for a Hello Kitty bento box, if you'd like.

Deco tapes are easy to get here as well.

Re-Ment is a little hard, but I do know of a friend who buys them from Japan. So I can probably get her to spare you at least one box :)

How about some fabric as well? I think I can get some Japanese fabric over here, although it's pretty limited.

As for crafty stuff like charms, ribbons, embellishments, I have loads as I collect them :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

2007-03-17 @ 19:02:52
Postat av: stella

Hi I am from Singapore and am interested in doing a swap with you. I don't mind waiting as I know there are loads of people waiting to swap with you. I can offer loads of kawaii stuff in exchange for rabbit stuff. Please look at my blog. Thanks.

2007-03-27 @ 08:59:24
Postat av: Kiarolla

Hi! I'd really love to swap with you... I'm an Italian girl... let me know if you're interested... mail me ( or look at my blog
Kisses, Kiarolla

Postat av: Iris

Hi! I'm not sure you'd be interested in swapping with someone in the UK, but if you are, just let me know! I could swap anything typical for the UK (food, magazines, etc), arts and crafts stuff, fabric, buttons, etc.

2007-04-23 @ 16:13:24
Postat av: Anonym

Malin!! remember me? lizzy from Singapore? let's swap again pls! i can't get enough of that meatball spice you sent me!!!

2007-05-01 @ 04:43:02
Postat av: hazel

helo. i would realy love to swap with you. please send me back an email. i am hazel, and i'm from the philippines.

i would wait for you rreply. thank you, thank you.

God speed :)

2007-05-12 @ 07:10:55
Postat av: Kylene

What about wasabi? And Japanese soy cracker or barbacue flavoured rice cackers??? And sushi wrappping seaweed with homemade egg cake????

2007-05-21 @ 04:58:02
Postat av: pfang

Hi, this is pfang from Malaysia. I am wondering do you still doing swap ? I would be happy to hear from you :)
Best wishes,

2007-05-31 @ 22:42:10
Postat av: Gauravi

My name is Gauravi and I am from Goa, India. I was wondering if you wanted to swap! Let me know if your interested!

2007-06-07 @ 14:23:42
Postat av: luppy

Hi hi...

I just joined the swap-team and would love to swap with you. I'm from Singapore and my blog is at

Hope to hear from you soon!


2007-10-24 @ 08:47:43
Postat av: Liz Thailand

Hi, Malin - I would love to swap with you! It's taken me a while to get round to replying to you - but yes! I'd love to. I'm a bit busy just now, though, but when I am ready to swap I'll let you know. Maybe January. I am excited to swap with you - all I ever hear about your swaps is that they are adorable and very cool! Liz

2007-11-03 @ 15:53:42

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