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I went to Stockholm today, to buy the last things for Lizzy´s package, I hope to mail it tomorrow. Then I was feeling so insecure about my top, so I had to go shop for another one. Fortunately it´s sales all over, so I got a tunic and a t-shirt for 115SEK  (15USD), a total bargain! And I felt much better afterwards... Feeling fat is an all-consuming feeling, you can´t think of anything else, and can´t stop togging at your clothes. I hate that. Being fat is one thing, feeling fat is a totally diffrent thing.

Then I went to the Japanese bookshop, looking for craft books, but alas, no luck. (How ancient is that word, "alas" - does anybody ever use it anymore?) But - I found candy! To kinds of Hello Kitty candy, strawberry Pocky, and a small mix-pack of Meji chocolate. They had the great wasabipeas Charlene sent from California, so if I ever get the urge, I know where to find them. Goody! And they had some Hello Kitty stuff, too, I bought stickers, but there were knick knacks of all kind. I´ll be back!

Postat av: donna

Hello! I do say alas, well, actually I often write alas! I guess I don't often say it. Found your blog after you commented on mine and am enjoying reading it.

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