pics, Stockholm and Moomin

I´m at my sisters house, posting pictures. My skills are improving some, some pics are actually sharp! (Though many still aren´t...) Scroll down a bit, and you´ll see my lovely package from Babs, which unfortunately is the only one I have to post about.

I bought some crafty stuff at Panduro yesterday, things for Kwoozys birthday present among other things. It´s halfway done!

I´m thinking of how to make a Moomin pincushion, or something like that, but it is too small! My fingers won´t co-operate in that tiny fashion, so I wonder - does anyone have any Moomin patterns? Felt figures, amigurumi, something?

We went to Rosendals Trädgårdar (Rosendal´s Gardens) yesterday too. That´s definately one of Stockholms highlights, pretty gardens, green houses, an organic shop and a fabulous cafè, where I had feta cheese sallad in the yummiest manor. If you ever go to Stockholm - go there!


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