I dunno...

I don´t know what to write. I could do some swapwriting (am shopping fabric for Anjali today, am doing a birthdayswap with Kwoozy), but I´ve written so much swappy stuff, that I must be boring you non-swappers to death. I told you that it was addictive, though...

I could tell you that my knitting is coming to life, a little bit anyway, but it´s not that writeworthy.

I could talk about my crappy finanses, but I do that with my friends already, and you shouldn´t have to listen. Besides, they´re much my fault, since I spend way too much on things like swaps. Addictive, I tell you!

I could rant on about the fabulous craft books I´m buying, but I´ve said that before. But I think the second one on my "to buy"-list is a hit, with felted animals, foods, and a felted toilet. Believe it if you will...

So I´ll just spend the five minutes I have left reading blogs, I suggest you do the same, since I don´t have that much to offer.


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