highs and lows!

Anyone remember the kitchen furniture from hell? The ones that have occupied my hall for almost a year? IT´S GONE! Praise the lord, halleluja, and all that. And I got paid - 500SEK (about $65), which I didn´t thing I would get until they were sold. That meant I had a (mostly) nice day in Stockholm, eating Indian food (mmmm....) and seeing Pirates of the Carribean: Dead man´s chest. The food was great and the movie so much fun.

On the plus-side too: Anyone remember the beaded wristwarmer, also from hell (yes, I think they are related)? The one who has been ripped, and ripped again, and then banned to the naughty basket. Well, it´s done, and it co-operated very well indeed. I am much pleased.

And even brighter:  I´ve been hoping for a swap with the swap-queen herself, Anjali from Japan, and YAY, now it´s on! I´m sure she´ll find me something nice, I only hope that I can match that. So far I´ve got good revues on my packages, but the luck may turn. Luck has a habit of doing just that.

And way down low: Still no packages. I´m crossing my fingers like a maniac, hoping they haven´t got lost in the mail. I know the shipping can take a while, and I hope that´s all it is.

Ending off with one last good thing: I´m knitting again, that was some time ago. I had two hanks of lightblue/brown/a little green alpaca yarn, which had been laying around forever, and now they are becoming vey nice mittens, which will go very nice with my new navyblue fall-jacket.


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