emergensies, swaps and then some rain...

Not much blogging going on this last week, I´ve been home sick. Poor me... And yesterday I spent the most part of the day and all evening in the emergencyroom with my friend, who was having major stomachpains. Poor thing. And after sitting there for eight hours, they sent us home on the train, 10PM. Swedish healthcare is great...

I´ve got another swappingpartner, Kwoozy from Australia, who makes the cutest things, I look forward to getting her package (and making her one). And speaking of packages and making, I just made a Hello Kitty-purse for my SP, and a handbag in vintage fabric for Lizzy in Singapore. Hope they like them!

I started on socks, using the "candy"cotton my SP sent me, but didn´t like how they turned out, and ripped my half-finished sock. Now I´ve made two tiny amigurumis using the yarn, and they turned out really cute, so I´ll definitely make more of them.

I thought I´d finally get rid of the kitchen furniture in my hall last Monday, but they never picked them up. I´m starting to think they´re cursed - they´ve been standing there since last November, and I can´t get rid of them! Me not having a car is definitly a problem!

Today it´s finally raining! After weeks of hot summer weather, it´s finally raining! And it´s not hot either, so I´m loving it!


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