am I a nice person or not?

I´m knitting another pair of mittens (only half-) of the brown/green/blue alpacayarn, that should be just about how much yarn I have left. I´ll probably give them away, but I´m not sure to who.

I made some more felt food, to be given away. The package is to be sent off this week, to reach Kwoozy in time for her birthday, and I think I´m pretty much done with it. Maybe another little thingy, maybe not. I´m having a hard time deciding when enough is enough. Anjali´s package is almost done, I´m waiting for a book to arrive, and then I´ll buy some chocolate perhaps, and then off to Japan.

Some days the phone is basically dead, and some days it´s ringing off the hook. This morning was definately a ringing day, and everybody called at least twice too. Miss Popularity, that´s me. Actually, that´s quite strange, because I can be the most non-social person you could ever imagine. Obviously that´s an attractiv feature in a person, I did not know that... At the same time, my sisters says, the reason I´m single is that I´m not a nice person. I wish people could make up their mind!

Postat av: Monica

I think we need both, to be social, popular and have a phone ringing, but also to be alone and catch up with our selves...

Like your blog and work!

Ok, I link you?

2006-08-31 @ 16:03:22

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