I feel so spoiled, in the best possible way!


I got a swap package yesterday, from Iris in England. It was our second swap, and when I opened the package I was reminded why we did another one: she puts together amazing packages!
I got two hanks of white liks yarn, one hank of HipKnits sock yarn (lovely colours, can´t wait to see it on my feet!), a hank of homespun brown/white yarn, a knitting magazin, a Craft: magazine, some Cath Kidston fabric and very delicious chocolate. I felt spoiled like a princess, and loved everything! Thank you so much, Iris!

my vegan swap package recieved!

Good things comes to those who wait, and good things sure did come to me! This arrived to me yesterday:


Lovely vegan yarn, yummy goodies, vegan recipes (in the cirkle-y book), mint lip balm, post-its, a tea cup cozy and a button (I´m not a nugget). Everything is perfect - thanks a lot lusciousfibers/Suzanne!

I know, it´s a bit on the late side, and probably not even necessary

but I´m posting my vegan post-holiday swap qestionnaire:

Ravelry handle: malinmerino (I know, not that sheep friendly, but it was the only fiber on "m" I could think about at the time)
How long have you been vegan? Or are you transitioning? I´ve been vegan on and off for the last ten years, been vegetarian for 17 years.
What are your favorite vegan products? dark chocolate! Also, since I live in Sweden, we don´t have that much to choose from as in the UK and USA, so I jump for joy everytime I see a new vegan product - yesterday vegan burgers, yay!
Knitter or crocheter? Spinner? All of the above? Mostly knitter, crochet occassionally
Favorite type of yarn? Favorite colors? vegan heretic when it comes to yarn - since I love to knit socks, I do use wool, but am very intersted in trying non-animal yarns (not to fond of cotton, though). Especially in sock yarn, I love multicolour (am very eclectic in that area, maybe not very blue yarns, or very beige/brown yarns), otherwise I love pale pink, green, black, pastels à la Cath Kidston
What do you usually knit/crochet? Anything new that you want to try? mostly socks, need a new scarf, am thinking of knitting a capelet of some kind
Any pets? two cats, Lipton and Titus
Hobbies? knitting (duh...), vintage housekeeping, collecting kawaii (stationary, cram cream, decotapes), reading, shopping
Are you willing to ship internationally? absolutely (or I will end up swapping with myself...)
Any last thoughts? Allergies? Etc.? allergic to smoke and pineapple, don´t drink coffee or black/green tea, I guess I don´t have to mention red/chewy candy is no-no...

vegan swap package in the mail!

Last night I mailed the package to my spoilee in the Vegan Secret Swap on Ravelry. And since I don´t name names or countries, I thought I´d let you in on its contents. I got a hank of Bluy Skye Dyed Cotton, some very yummy tea, soap from Lush, some of my favourite sweets (since I can´t eat them myself anymore - I´m aiming for lots of yarn purchases!), a really good book about veganism, and I made a project bag too, I like to include something hand made in my packages. It´s all vegan, of course, I hope she´ll like it!

finally! I´m in a knitting swap!

If you have been reading my main blog dandelion daisy, you know I´ve been doing some swaps (ok, A LOT of swaps) for the last two years or so, mostly kawaii swaps, but some craft oriented as well. Something that most people maybe don´t know, is that Secret Pal started my whole swap obsession, and for a while now, I´ve been wanting to do knitting swaps again. I´ve been impatiently awaiting the next SP round, as well as Vegan Pal 3, I´ve also been oogling the Punk Rock Gift Exchange, but there hasn´t been any signs of any new rounds. Imagine my delight, when there´s a small after-the-holidays vegan secret swap now in January! Yes, of course I jumped on it! Now I´ve got my very own secret pal to spoil, and I´ve got some ideas on what to give her, and that´s all I´m saying about that - I don´t think there are a lot of us in this swap, and  don´t want to spoil anything.

swap with Iris in the UK

The yarn in my previous post, came in this lovely package. I especially wished for a Rowan magazine (so expensive in Sweden), some sockyarn and some fabric, and the rest she put together - nice, isn´t it? There were some chocolates as well, but well, they somehow disappeared yesterday, in front of the TV...


thanks, Melanie!

I got my last package from Melanie in Canada today, and it was lovely! The entire package smelled divine, before I even opened it, because of the soap she put in it (another great smeller for my yarn stash!), she sent a very yummy chocolate bar with nuts (I love chocolate with nuts!), and the pièce de récistance: white, soft, handspun alpaca yarn - delicious! Thank you so much, Melanie - you´ve been a great swap spoiler!


good things comes to those who wait!

Last summer I did Secret Pal 8, I sent packages to Washington DC, and recieved from Canada, and somehow (due to circumstances), I didn´t get my last package from Canada, but now - finally - it´s on it´s way! It´s so exciting, since I know she spins her own yarn, and very nice yarn it is too, and hopefully there will be some in my package. And even if everything would be store bought, I know it will be lovely. I can´t wait! Yay!

sp-swaps - packages

As you may or may not know, I love to swap, and have done a few (who am I kidding - I have done loads of swaps...), and the way I discovered swapping, is knitting! In all of these knitting blogs, they were talking about Secret Pal swaps, and it sounded like so much fun, I had to try it myself. I wanted to be a part of this, and I wanted great packages too - so I joined. Later on, I discovered GimmeYourStuff, and the rest is history. I´m thinking of cutting way down on my GYS swaps next year, and to do a SP round again - I really miss it, it was so much fun! But anyway, here´s what I got in the two rounds I participated in:

In SP7, my spoiler was Amy, who then lived in Japan, and she sent me this (actually the beginning of my Japanese obsession!):

image22 image23
image24 The yarns are incredible soft, and the patterns in the Japanese craft books are very nice. And this package showed me a first glipse of the amazing kawaii stationary, of which I actually have a little collection now! It sure makes letter-writing more fun!

These packages are recieved from Melanie in Canada, my SP8 spoiler:

image25 image26
The blue and green hanks are hemp yarn, very nice, and the fluffy little cloud, is some alpaca roving, which Melanie made for me - it´s amazingly soft! The yarn in the second package is lace weight alpaca (from an alpaca called Stevie!), so soft, and the soap still lays in my yarn cupboard, smelling divine. And if you believe it or not - another package is actually yet to come! Melanie says it´ll be in the mail on Monday!

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