knitting squares

I´ve borrowed Knit-a-long on the library (sometimes they do get books I want to read!), and found a very clever use of  leftover sock yarn - a barnraising quilt! So now I´m knitting squares in the evenings in front of the TV - perfect! The only thing, is that I will run out of yarn, long before the quilt is done. I guess this will be a very long term project...

is it a shrug? a mini cardigan?

I used the white silk yarn I got from my swap with Iris in Britain, and made a shrug/cardigan from it. I don´t know if I´m completely happy with the result, I need to see it on a person first, and it´s too small for me (it was 200 grams of yarn, there are limits to how far 200 grams will stretch).

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