a teary goodbye

I just sold most of my wool stash - only the Japanese yarns are still left. Now, I just have to pack them all up, collect all of the money (it turned out to be quite a bit - yay!) and send them off to their new homes. Some of them I will say a slightly misty goodbye to, I have to say - I do love those yarns! Hopefully, they will all come to good homes, and become something beautiful.

selling yarns

I´ve put up all of my wool yarns on Tradera (Swedish online auction site), since I don´t get enough action over at Ravelry (though I have sold a few). And I got bids on three yarns, before I had even finished posting all yarns! I hope they all go, that would be a great addition to my purse! And I wouldn´t have wool yarns in my stash, and someone else would get some lovely yarns in theirs.

wool destash

You know the lovely yarns I´ve bought/traded lately? The ones I´ve been raving about? Well, this weekend I came to the conclusion that I can´t be serious about me being vegan as long as I´m knitting with wool, so I´m selling them - all of my lovley, wonderful, pretty yarns, they are all up for destashing on Ravelry (where I´m malinmerino, if you´re interested in adding some new yarns to your stash). I´ll try to find vegan sock yarns instead, I got a good start with my vegan pal package, which included some Fixation. Fortunately, I know I can always turn to Ravelry - I don´t think there´s any yarn on Earth, that can´t be found on Ravelry! 

my vegan swap package recieved!

Good things comes to those who wait, and good things sure did come to me! This arrived to me yesterday:


Lovely vegan yarn, yummy goodies, vegan recipes (in the cirkle-y book), mint lip balm, post-its, a tea cup cozy and a button (I´m not a nugget). Everything is perfect - thanks a lot lusciousfibers/Suzanne!

the generous place that is Ravelry

By the sound of my very secret Vegan Pal, my package will come soon - the last items have arrived, and it´ll be in the mail tomorrow. Exciting!

Very lovely, and very generous, is another Raveller (she will remain nameless - she doesn´t want her generosity to be taken advantage of, which I totally understand) who is actually giving me a hank of Yarn Pirate "Kona". Thank you so much, I really, really appreciate it!


ETA: I just found out - she has another YP hank to give away, "Calamity", can you believe how lucky I am?! Thank you!


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