knit a toilet roll!

I don´t know if there´s something you can´t  knit! How about knitting yourself a toilet roll?

I´m so easy!

A little while ago, I was bathing in goth nostalgia, now I´m really enjoying the Tattooed knitters and crocheters group, and I´m listening to Reverend Horton Heat - a new discovery, very good! I really love Raverly, there´s something for every little piece of you! Combine with Youtube, and it´s a homerun!

goth indulgence

I´m having so much fun here - I´m browsing the Goth Knitters group on Ravelry, listening to Sisters of Mercy, and now I found a bunch of links to goth inspired knits! I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the goth I was in my teens, and she occasionally rears her black head. Actually, inside, I might be more goth than ever (trust me, you don´t want to take a look inside my head to see what´s going on in there!), it´s easier to see the darker side of life when you have a few more years to back you up - when I was a teenager, I thought life was crap, now I know it is!


I figured it out!

I´ve figured out how to post pics at Ravelry, and I´ve been over there for the past couple of days. It´s absolutely irresistable - I blame me being a Virgo and thus a sucker for organizing and lists. I´ve posted all my FO´s with pics, when I have gotten a pro account on Flickr (now, only my 200 newest pics are showing, which means you can´t see any of my SP pics), I´ll post more yarn, and when I´ve bought a camera, I´ll post pics of WIP´s as well. Now, I´m going there to find more people, patterns I want to make, great yarn, good blogs... It´s a knitter´s heaven!

I´m in the Stitch ´n Bitch 2008 Calendar...

and it´s been out for a while, but you get to begin using it in a couple of weeks. Check me out on June 13th!


pay it forward!

I´ve seen this around for a while, and now I have to join the masses. I joined at "Tekopp", here´s what you do:

Here's the deal: Be one of the first three people to comment here saying you want to play, and I'll send you something handmade. In return, you post on your blog saying you'll do the same for the first three people to comment there.

So - for the first three who comment here, I´ll send something handmade, it´ll problably involve yarn or fabric in some way or another, I´ll say it right now - I won´t probably send right away, but within the next months. So, if you are formarly a lurker - step out of your lurking safety, and pay it forward!

apparantly, there will be socks for christmas

I don´t even know how it happened, but suddenly there I was, casting on for another pair of socks, and a couple hours in front of the tv produced half a leg. It´s the first time I use bamboo dpn´s, and the first time with Regia cotton, and I don´t know if it´s the yarn or the needles that make the gauge looser than usual. Maybe it´s the combination? But the colours is turning out quite nice, and the pattern looks like it could look good as well, yo´s spiralling around the leg, very simple, but the yarn is rather busy, so that´s a good one.

what we can learn from a knitted shawl

The shawl I´m knitting, the one that has to be ready before Christmas, will be done tonight - I only have a few more rows left, then I´ll block it, and it has time to dry until next week. But this one teaches me a few things: I never EVER want to knit a Salina shawl again in my life - I´ve done three now, and that´s it. I hate repeating things (except socks it seems - can´t to too many of them!), and to do the same pattern thrice is not my cup of tea. Two: I don´t like knitting in mohair. It sheds and tinking can be a nightmare. And lastly - I need to be more expensive, I can´t charge as much as a scarf from H&M costs, I need to double my prices. There are many hours in a knitted item, and when it´s something like the Salina in mohair, I´m not liking much of the process.

I blocked my parents Christmas gifts the other day, and took care of all of those pesky yarn-endings dangling this morning. My Christmas presents are now officially done and finished!

in a bit of a rush!

This weekend a co-worker placed an order on a knitted lace scarf, to be finished in time for Christmas. It´s not that long time to knit, before Christmas! So I´m in a little bit of panic. Fortunately, I have a lot of free time at work, so I should hopefully make it. Or I will do some late nights knitting.

Oh, I almost forgot - I haven´t blocked my parents presents yet, maybe it´s about time!

no, I don´t do much knitting

I haven´t done much knitting lately, I haven´t even thought of knitting - I´m all about vingage housekeeping at the moment, but how easily I´m tempted! One look at a knitting blog, and I´m drooling after yarn, and socks - I don´t know what it is about socks that makes me want to make them - lots of them. I won´t go buy any yarn, though (ok, I need to buy for a baby blanket for a friend, that needs to be finished), I have so many things on my to-buy-list, which aren´t yarn at all. But I can drool, and I can want!

I´m having some difficulties over at Ravelry, I can´t get the pic importing from flickr to work, very irritating.

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