what we can learn from a knitted shawl

The shawl I´m knitting, the one that has to be ready before Christmas, will be done tonight - I only have a few more rows left, then I´ll block it, and it has time to dry until next week. But this one teaches me a few things: I never EVER want to knit a Salina shawl again in my life - I´ve done three now, and that´s it. I hate repeating things (except socks it seems - can´t to too many of them!), and to do the same pattern thrice is not my cup of tea. Two: I don´t like knitting in mohair. It sheds and tinking can be a nightmare. And lastly - I need to be more expensive, I can´t charge as much as a scarf from H&M costs, I need to double my prices. There are many hours in a knitted item, and when it´s something like the Salina in mohair, I´m not liking much of the process.

I blocked my parents Christmas gifts the other day, and took care of all of those pesky yarn-endings dangling this morning. My Christmas presents are now officially done and finished!


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