books on their way

I ordered these books yesterday, and can´t wait for them to get here, it should take 5-8 days, and I hope for 5, since I´m going away next week. But on the other hand - they would be a nice treat waiting when I get home. I had to get the latest Yarn Harlot book, "Casts off", since I have the other, and like them. I look forward to seeing "A season´s tale" by Kim Hargreaves, since I love her stuff, I´ve got "A Yorkshire fable" (in which she participates) and adore the sweaters in that, and hope to see more knits like that. Fingers crossed!


some wicked (in the true meaning of the word!) links

Some of you might recognize these links, to some of you they are new. Since I love the stuff, I just spread the word. There are some patterns and some blogs, and even a swap. And don´t just stay with the links I sent you, go further, explore the world of dark crafts!

Knit yourself a Jack Skellington

Punk rock gift exchange (new round here!)

Make a haunted gingerbreadhouse

Knit a camisole of death

The dark-mark-bag

Stigmata Knits

Jack Sparrows favorite socks

The Anti-Craft

are you in it for the process or the project?

By that, I mean: are you knitting for the sake of knitting, or for the sweater/hat/socks/whatever it´s becoming? I think I can say, without giving it too much thought, that I´m a process knitter, big time. An example: I knitted a sweater, and wasn´t happy with it, so I frogged it. Then the yarn became a cardigan, but Iwasn´t happy with it, so I frogged it. Now I have this bunch of yarn, waiting for a new project. I knitted a pocho four times (knit-frog-knit-frog-knit-frog-knit-frog), and now it´s finally a cowl and a bag. I´m not sure if I´m happy with them... And now, my fingers are aching to knit, and I lack severely in the yarn department, so what do i do? Well, I have these socks in Regia yarn (see earlier post), which are too big, and I have been disturbed about it for the longest time. Now I´ve frogged one foot, and began re-knitting it, and already I feel much better about it. I know I wouldn´t have bothered, if I hadn´t been dying to get my hands on some needles and yarn. So what do you think, process or project? Or just very fussy? Tell me - what are you guys? Process or project?

lime & violet

image27 image28
bltc - atropine                                                        very shiny: dazzle

image29 image30
vamp - quantumsingularity                              goblinmarket: The Dancers

Lime and violet sells the most amazing, hand painted yarns, and since it´s all hand  made, the yarns are limited, so if I was you, I´d snatch some up real soon! There´s also a podcast!

yarn starvation

My hands are dying to knit, I read only knitting books, I blog about knitting, I lust after yarn - but I can´t knit! All that´s left in my stash, is ment to remain in my stash (mostly swap gifts from abroad), so I don´t have any yarn, and I don´t have any money to spend on yarn either - I´m on a totally involontary yarn diet, and I´m starving! The only thing I have to knit on, is my Bird´s Eye Shawl, and since I do most of my knitting in front of the TV, it doesn´t work, I know, I´ve tried, and all I get to do is un-knit stitches gone wrong. If anybody out there has an urgent need to get rid of some stash - you know where to find me!

At Knit´s End and Yarn Harlot - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

16274-279 16274-280

These books are basically the same, the first one, At knit´s end are short "meditations" on knitting, and the latter, Yarn Harlot is elaberations on the first. But never mind that - they are nice books in the knitter´s bookshelf, they´re funny and thought worthy, and you can feel re-assured, that you are by no means the worst one out there... If you don´t have much time to read, pick the first one, if you can spend some time in bed/on the sofa/on the hammock - pick the latter"! Or do what I did - do both!

"Domiknitrix" - Jennifer Stafford


I really like this book, I love it´s lay-out and I love the knitting projects, this is definately the knitting book for the crafty goth, or for you who´s tired of Martha Stewart-land. There´s also a big how-to-section, for the beginner, and everything is wrapped in an all together lovely book. Buy!
For more Domiknitrix, see this!

"Naughty Needles"- Nikol Lohr


This cover doesn´t lie - there´s some truly naughty knits in this one! Undrewear, absolutely, but also little gadget for all of you into S&M and bondage, clever hiding places for your toys, dress-ups to spark up your evenings... And the pictures are so great, all in the 50s pinup sprit, just like the one on the cover. I love this book, and if you´re not the shrinking violet, I´m sure you will too!
More Naughty Needles here!

sp-swaps - packages

As you may or may not know, I love to swap, and have done a few (who am I kidding - I have done loads of swaps...), and the way I discovered swapping, is knitting! In all of these knitting blogs, they were talking about Secret Pal swaps, and it sounded like so much fun, I had to try it myself. I wanted to be a part of this, and I wanted great packages too - so I joined. Later on, I discovered GimmeYourStuff, and the rest is history. I´m thinking of cutting way down on my GYS swaps next year, and to do a SP round again - I really miss it, it was so much fun! But anyway, here´s what I got in the two rounds I participated in:

In SP7, my spoiler was Amy, who then lived in Japan, and she sent me this (actually the beginning of my Japanese obsession!):

image22 image23
image24 The yarns are incredible soft, and the patterns in the Japanese craft books are very nice. And this package showed me a first glipse of the amazing kawaii stationary, of which I actually have a little collection now! It sure makes letter-writing more fun!

These packages are recieved from Melanie in Canada, my SP8 spoiler:

image25 image26
The blue and green hanks are hemp yarn, very nice, and the fluffy little cloud, is some alpaca roving, which Melanie made for me - it´s amazingly soft! The yarn in the second package is lace weight alpaca (from an alpaca called Stevie!), so soft, and the soap still lays in my yarn cupboard, smelling divine. And if you believe it or not - another package is actually yet to come! Melanie says it´ll be in the mail on Monday!

finished socks

I haven´t knitted much lately, so I´ll just show you some of my old FOs. These socks have been worn all through a winter, and needs some darning - they´re not any holes (yet!), and I don´t want it to be, so I´ll whip out the darning needle any day. Or some day.

I used Qualitas yarn in hot pink and a varigeted purple - I like them a lot!

Self-striping Regia yarn made these socks. I used a wristwarmer pattern for the leg - I like how the stripes zigzag!

crochet a cupcake!

image19 Pretty, yes? Click on it, and you´ll find a free pattern!

my knitty tattoo

I´m a rather superstitious person, and I believe in magic as well, and have a huge crush on tattos, as well a deep rooted love for knitting - the result? A knitty tatto on my wrist, a kind of spell if you wish, to remind my hands to keep busy. I found the picture in Stitch n´Bitch, and love it, even though people often mistake it for a skull. I´m getting another one beside it, with a yarnball from At knit´s end.



image9 image10 image11

Pink cloud - Claudia hand     Pistacchio - Claudia hand     Red wagon - Claudia hand
painted yarn                              painted yarn                             painted yarn

image12 image13 image14
Camellia - Llamajama            Navajo - Llamajama               Shawnee - Llamajama

Delicious yarns over at Kpixie´s! I just want to sink my teeth in them, or roll around in them!

hand painted yarn

image5 image6 
Capresse                                                       Treintay  Tres  

image7 image8
Capricornio                                                  Strawberry Ice

Looking at the yarns over at Hand Painted Yarns, is like being in a candy store - lots and lots of colours and several different yarn weights and fair prices as well - it all looks almost good enough too eat! Yummy! 

Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter - Alison Hansel


For Harry Potter fans, this is a really good buy, it captures the spirit of the movies to the teeth, and sometimes you actuelly get exact copies of clothes worn in the movies. A lot of things is just begging to be knit - especially the sweaters are wonderful, but the socks, mittens, hats . it´s all lovely. I very much recommend this book, if you want to add some magic to your knitting!

Punk Knits: 26 Hot New Designs for Anarchistic Souls and Independent Spirits - Share Ross


I´m all for punk and alternative lifestyles, but I have to admit - I was rather disappointed with this book. Punk can be many things - this is the trashiest version of them all. I have a hard time finding projects I like, and can´t imagine myself knitting anything from it. On the other hand - if Sid Viscious is your style icon - this may be something for you!

is knitting a valid excuse for a day in my couch?

Yesterday night, when I started thinking about it, I counted my hours in front of the TV, and came up with 13. I spent thirteen hours in front of the TV yesterday! From 8.20 am to 9.30 pm! But I have a good excuse, I swear - I was knitting. I found a nice pattern for a bag in the 2007 SnB calendar (the 2008 is out soon, and if I counted the days right, I´m on June 13th - I was promised a Friday the 13th, and that´s the only one), and I had yarn that worked, and in exactly the right amount, so I made a bag. I hope it´s dry when I get home, so I can sew it together, and make the lining. I think it´ll turn out nice, if it does, I´ll give it away in an upcoming swap. Yes, it´ll go to a chillier country, I wouldn´t send a wool bag to Singapore. It would be soaked in sweat in a day or two, poor thing. I´ll post a picture later, when the bag is in the mail.

a new blog!

And it´s completely devoted to knitting and other fiber related things. You know I had to have one - I´m such a typical Virgo, I like to cathegorize things, have boxes and slots and binders for everyone, and sort according to subject. Since yarn is a big love of mine, of course I had to start a knitting blog!

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