Today my Ravelry invitation came! Yay! I´ve been waiting and waiting, and now, at last, I can go over there and be part of all the fun stuff!

A knitting book arrived today as well (it´s actually my first in a while, I haven´t bought many knitting books lately) - "Holiday Knits", I´ve only flipped through it really fast, but it looks really good.

knitting presents - done and on the needles

I´ve finished my parents Christmas knitting, socks and hats for both, and I´m working on a present for my grandmother, a hat. I hope it will come to good use - she lives up north, where winter is long and cold. We (me and my sisters) have been horribly bad at remembering her at birthdays and Christmas, so this year we plan to make a big present, with a lot of pampering inside for her.

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