I got a pile of yarn!

Look what I collected at the PO last night:





And I have a lot more to come!
And it´s been almost a week without any sweets, another week, and I get to buy more yarn - I know exactly what to get!


Here´s pics of the yarn I talked about in my last post - this is the good stuff that´s coming in my mailbox soon!

image130 image129 
The first one is Lorna´s Laces in "Jungle Fever", and the second one is an un-known sock yarn. I love green combined with purple or pink!

The third one, it´s from
Handarbeitskram, it´s "Almost Midnight". Apparantly, I have a thing for purple and black as well...

opal and trekking and lorna´s laces, oh my!

Yupp, all sock yarns (I´m so in love with sock yarns, and I´d love to do a sock club, but a/ they are often rather expensive (it would be nice with a European one) and b/ they are very fast booked full, leaving no spots for me. But, yarn can be aquired in other ways, thank goodness! I´m trading some of my books for yarn (and a Rowan magazine - I love Rowan magazines!), and I just placed an order for some yarn. It all looks like this:


This is two skeins of Opal Feeling (on sale!). I fell in love with the brighter colours on a blog, so I jumped on it when it was 50% off.

Lorna´s Laces "Black Purl". I love the colours, it goes very well with my black soul...

A skein of Trekking sock yarn and four hanks of Classic Elite "Lush", an angora/wool mix (apparantly, according to comments on Ravelry, it sheds a lot, but it should be able to become something) - both of these swapped for books.

image127 image128
The Rowan magazine (some of the patterns are really nice on the first look) and Socks That Rock sock yarn in "Firebird", which is a yarn I´d really love to try. This is a colourway from a sock club, so it´s not available to buy.
Hailey,who is trading the yarn, is also throwing in a sock club key ring and more sock yarn - aren´t there some fabulous knitters out there?!

Lovely loot, isn´t it?! I can´t wait for my camera, I should get it about at the same time as the yarn starts arriving, yay!

yay, yarn!

I brought back some yarn from Stockholm yesterday, beautiful Opal sock yarn, and some bamboo DPNs. I saw some wonderful yarn, but I felt to cheap to actually buy anything - I didn´t want to buy only a skein/hank, I wanted to get enough for a project, but I wanted to buy other things as well. As it turned out, I didn´t do a lot of shopping for other stuff, and ended up with money left in my purse when I got home (!!!!). So I bought a couple of skeins of Regia cotton today. Hey - you can´t have too much sock yarn, right? And I have made socks from most of the yarn I got/bought for my bday, so I needed more yarn.


I got this Hundertwasser cotton sock yarn.


And this is the colour of Opal bamboo I bought.
image105 And this Regia cotton.

little pieces of heaven!

The internet is filled with wonders! That is, the wonders called yarn shopping. I might not have the money to shop for (yet! I need to get myself a new job! that pays A LOT!), but I still have eyes in my head, and I do have needs and cravings, so what do I do? I window shop! And since my tiny town has a very small, and not very good (though they are getting less bad!) LYS, the net is my sanctuary. I mostly look for sock yarn, and I´ve found little pieces of heaven here, among other places:




Fibers ´n Threads


Yarn Pirate

And who doesn´t like some free patterns? I´ve got my eyes on the mushroom pulse warmers!

I bought yarn!

I went to Stockholm yesterday, together with my sister, to treat myself on my birthday. I found some good things, clothes, shoes, but my last buy for the day was yarn. Sock yarn. Yay! Garnstudio have a new, cheap sock yarn, less than half the usual price (compared to for example Regia), and I bought yarn for one pair of socks, and my sister bought for another pair, for my birthday. She bought for herself as well, for me to knit of course - she doesn´t knit. The good thing is, her yarn will be a perfect addition to my leftover socks, so I´ll be happy to knit socks for her, as long as I get to keep the leftover yarn.

image96 image100 image98
The first one I bought, the second one my sister got for me, and the third my sister got for herself, but I knitted the socks.


I also drooled over some Regia yarn, designed by Kaffe Fassett, amazing colours. It´s definately on my shopping list next time!

I want yarn!

You know when people say they don´t have any yarn? And then they have loads and loads, but htey don´t want any of that yarn? Well, I don´t have any yarn. At all. And I don´t have any money to shop for yarn either, though I will definately make room for some yarn in the budget whan I get money on Thursday. And I´ve been showing my empty yarn box to my sisters, hoping they will take a hint - it´s my bday on Friday, and yarn is never a bad thing to recieve. I´m waiting for the money for me participating in the Stitch n Bitch Calendar 2008, and for money for a bag I made for a girl on flickr, that will be about $45, and all of it will become YARN. I don´t know what, yet, but my thoughts goes in the sock yarn direction, maybe something like this (click the pics!):

image77 image78 image79
(or almost any of the other colours!)
image80 image81 image82
image83 image84 image85
image86 image87 image88

The problem is not finding great yarn - the problem is choosing what to buy! Since I can´t afford everything (even if I want to...), and this is just a selection, and only from one shop, kpixie (which is probably is where I will end up shopping). I really want to try the Tofutsies yarn (tofu yarn - yay!), but the yarn bunch is a really good buy. I don´t know, fortuantely I have some time to think about it.

vegan knitting

I haven´t told you, but I am a vegan, something that´s quite difficult when you´re into yarn - the best ones involve wool, merino, silk and alpaca. A safe bet is to avoid wool and merino from Australia, the mulesing they use to keep the sheep free from parasites (which they got due to the breeding) is so cruel and involves cutting big parts of skin from their butts. Alpacas is usually (at least if it´s from countries like the US and Canada) treated very well, and you can buy yarn where you even know which animal it came from (I´ve got a couple of hanks from Stevie Wonder!). Silk is unfortunately a disgrace, and involves lots of dead silk worms, but there are alternatives. Tussah silk comes from the wild silk worms, and is gathered after the moth emerges, and thus is worm friendly. Soy silk is made from tofu manufacturing waste, soy beans that is, and entirely vegetable (SWTC has lots of soy silk yarns). And the you could always venture into the un-known, and try fibres like bamboo, hemp, ingeo, just to name a few. And of course cotton and linen. You´ll find vegan yarns at Vegan Yarn, or if you google, or even in your LYS, even if you don´t know it´s vegan.

image60 image59 image58 Tussah silk
image61 image62 image63 Soy silk
image64 image65 image66 Bamboo
image69 image70 image71 Hemp
image72 image73 image74 Ingeo
Click on the pics, and you come to the sellers!

This post is written as much for me, as it is for you - I need to get out of my fibre comfort zone, and dare to go where few has gone before. I do have an exuse, though - non-woolen fibres here amost all the time means horrible acrylics, or quite boring cotton (I´m not friends with cotton yet, I´m afraid, I need to work on that). But our LYS has sockyarn with cotton, that´s a must try and a start. And I need to go online for yarn shopping - the world´s my oyster!

the greatest yarn ever, and it´s mine!

I have got the greatest yarn, I got it in a GYS swap with Iris in the UK, a merino/silk sock yarn, in pink/yellow/green. It´s so beautiful, and you´ll get to see it, I just need to borrow a camera. I don´t know if I´ll ever will have the heart to use it, it´s so beautiful, all curled up in its hank....


sunshine yarns

image49 image50
Dragonfly                                                       Maki

image51 image52 
Sweetest thing                                               Mod

Sunshine Yarns sells the loveliest hand dyed yarns possible. The colours are to die for, and even though the prices aren´t cheap, it´s still buyable. Did I say that the colcours are amazing?

LoveSticks Sock Yarn

image43 image44
Half Pint                                                                    Hula Punch

image45 image46

Enchanted Forest                                                      Fresh Squeezed

If you want the most gorgeaus, selfstriping, hand dyed sock yarn, the place you should look is LoveSticks Sock Yarn - everything is absolutely beautiful, and the prices are fair. Go look, but don´t blame me if you fall for temptation!

sunnyside ellen

image39 image40
Blackberry                                                        Daisy

image41 image42

Pigs in mud                                                        Sweetheart

Sunnyside Ellen sells the most amazing, hand dyed yarns, and the prices aren´t that steep either. I don´t know when, but I know I will, eventually, buy some of her wonderful yarn! I can imagine the beautiful socks they could become...

lime & violet

image27 image28
bltc - atropine                                                        very shiny: dazzle

image29 image30
vamp - quantumsingularity                              goblinmarket: The Dancers

Lime and violet sells the most amazing, hand painted yarns, and since it´s all hand  made, the yarns are limited, so if I was you, I´d snatch some up real soon! There´s also a podcast!


image9 image10 image11

Pink cloud - Claudia hand     Pistacchio - Claudia hand     Red wagon - Claudia hand
painted yarn                              painted yarn                             painted yarn

image12 image13 image14
Camellia - Llamajama            Navajo - Llamajama               Shawnee - Llamajama

Delicious yarns over at Kpixie´s! I just want to sink my teeth in them, or roll around in them!

hand painted yarn

image5 image6 
Capresse                                                       Treintay  Tres  

image7 image8
Capricornio                                                  Strawberry Ice

Looking at the yarns over at Hand Painted Yarns, is like being in a candy store - lots and lots of colours and several different yarn weights and fair prices as well - it all looks almost good enough too eat! Yummy! 

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