I´m in the Stitch ´n Bitch 2008 Calendar...

and it´s been out for a while, but you get to begin using it in a couple of weeks. Check me out on June 13th!


Mother of purl - Edith Eig


The writer is the owner of La Knitterie Parisienne, the yarn store that is sometimes given credit for the knitting boom. This book however can only be given credit to a lot of self admiration and  namedropping. It begins with a couple of chapters of how-to (buy Stitch´n Bitch instead) and finishes with a chapter of really bad patterns. This book was such a waste of money!

Greetings from Knit Cafe - Susan Mischer


Just like Mother of Purl, this is a knitting book based on a yarn store. Unlike Mother of Purl, this is really good! And to call Knit Cafe a yarn store is to limit yourself, it´s a coffee shop as well ( a brilliant idea, we should have one like that in Stockholm!), and looks so nice. The book is full of inspiring patterns, and then there are some other good stuff in between the patterns. Buy the book, and but it next to Weekend Knitting! 

"A Season's Tale" - Kim Hargreaves


I´m half-way happy with this book: some of the designs are amazing, just begging to be knitted, and some of the designs are the worst British country can offer. Fortunately, the good part weights heavier, which makes this book worth buying, especially if you happen to stumble upon it at a sale, in that case: buy!

"Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting" - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


The latest book from the Yarn Harlot doesn´t disappoint - it´s a great read, from the first page to the last. This time she guides us through the land of Knitting, and the people who live, or only occasionally visit, there. I love the lay-out as well, but one thing I don´t like is the cover, her first books (esp. the two first) had wonderful covers, and this leaves so much more to wish for. So, my recommendation: don´t judge this book by its cover, it´s a great addition to your book case!

books on their way

I ordered these books yesterday, and can´t wait for them to get here, it should take 5-8 days, and I hope for 5, since I´m going away next week. But on the other hand - they would be a nice treat waiting when I get home. I had to get the latest Yarn Harlot book, "Casts off", since I have the other, and like them. I look forward to seeing "A season´s tale" by Kim Hargreaves, since I love her stuff, I´ve got "A Yorkshire fable" (in which she participates) and adore the sweaters in that, and hope to see more knits like that. Fingers crossed!


At Knit´s End and Yarn Harlot - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

16274-279 16274-280

These books are basically the same, the first one, At knit´s end are short "meditations" on knitting, and the latter, Yarn Harlot is elaberations on the first. But never mind that - they are nice books in the knitter´s bookshelf, they´re funny and thought worthy, and you can feel re-assured, that you are by no means the worst one out there... If you don´t have much time to read, pick the first one, if you can spend some time in bed/on the sofa/on the hammock - pick the latter"! Or do what I did - do both!

"Domiknitrix" - Jennifer Stafford


I really like this book, I love it´s lay-out and I love the knitting projects, this is definately the knitting book for the crafty goth, or for you who´s tired of Martha Stewart-land. There´s also a big how-to-section, for the beginner, and everything is wrapped in an all together lovely book. Buy!
For more Domiknitrix, see this!

"Naughty Needles"- Nikol Lohr


This cover doesn´t lie - there´s some truly naughty knits in this one! Undrewear, absolutely, but also little gadget for all of you into S&M and bondage, clever hiding places for your toys, dress-ups to spark up your evenings... And the pictures are so great, all in the 50s pinup sprit, just like the one on the cover. I love this book, and if you´re not the shrinking violet, I´m sure you will too!
More Naughty Needles here!

Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter - Alison Hansel


For Harry Potter fans, this is a really good buy, it captures the spirit of the movies to the teeth, and sometimes you actuelly get exact copies of clothes worn in the movies. A lot of things is just begging to be knit - especially the sweaters are wonderful, but the socks, mittens, hats . it´s all lovely. I very much recommend this book, if you want to add some magic to your knitting!

Punk Knits: 26 Hot New Designs for Anarchistic Souls and Independent Spirits - Share Ross


I´m all for punk and alternative lifestyles, but I have to admit - I was rather disappointed with this book. Punk can be many things - this is the trashiest version of them all. I have a hard time finding projects I like, and can´t imagine myself knitting anything from it. On the other hand - if Sid Viscious is your style icon - this may be something for you!

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