finished cushions

A very long time ago, I knitted two cushion fronts out of some lovely yarn, a Colinette mohair and a Noro yarn. And the other day, I sewed backsides on as well - all I have to do now is to buy inner cushions, and then they´re ready for use. But you get to see how they look already:


A closeup on the cables on the Noro cushion:


sunshine yarns

image49 image50
Dragonfly                                                       Maki

image51 image52 
Sweetest thing                                               Mod

Sunshine Yarns sells the loveliest hand dyed yarns possible. The colours are to die for, and even though the prices aren´t cheap, it´s still buyable. Did I say that the colcours are amazing?

"A Season's Tale" - Kim Hargreaves


I´m half-way happy with this book: some of the designs are amazing, just begging to be knitted, and some of the designs are the worst British country can offer. Fortunately, the good part weights heavier, which makes this book worth buying, especially if you happen to stumble upon it at a sale, in that case: buy!

"Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting" - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


The latest book from the Yarn Harlot doesn´t disappoint - it´s a great read, from the first page to the last. This time she guides us through the land of Knitting, and the people who live, or only occasionally visit, there. I love the lay-out as well, but one thing I don´t like is the cover, her first books (esp. the two first) had wonderful covers, and this leaves so much more to wish for. So, my recommendation: don´t judge this book by its cover, it´s a great addition to your book case!

I´ve finished my candy socks!

They turned out quite nice, if I might say so myself, even though the colours are pooling underneath the second sock, and they are a bit too big (remember, my first try in cotton!), so I hope they will shrink a bit when I wash them. And I tried grafting for the first time - first attempt was not easy, I can tell you, second toe went a little bit better, so my hat off to all of you grafters out there - it takes some skill!


LoveSticks Sock Yarn

image43 image44
Half Pint                                                                    Hula Punch

image45 image46

Enchanted Forest                                                      Fresh Squeezed

If you want the most gorgeaus, selfstriping, hand dyed sock yarn, the place you should look is LoveSticks Sock Yarn - everything is absolutely beautiful, and the prices are fair. Go look, but don´t blame me if you fall for temptation!

sunnyside ellen

image39 image40
Blackberry                                                        Daisy

image41 image42

Pigs in mud                                                        Sweetheart

Sunnyside Ellen sells the most amazing, hand dyed yarns, and the prices aren´t that steep either. I don´t know when, but I know I will, eventually, buy some of her wonderful yarn! I can imagine the beautiful socks they could become...

thanks, Melanie!

I got my last package from Melanie in Canada today, and it was lovely! The entire package smelled divine, before I even opened it, because of the soap she put in it (another great smeller for my yarn stash!), she sent a very yummy chocolate bar with nuts (I love chocolate with nuts!), and the pièce de récistance: white, soft, handspun alpaca yarn - delicious! Thank you so much, Melanie - you´ve been a great swap spoiler!


publishing exitement!

I hope I get my copy of the Stitch n´Bitch 2008 Calendar soon! It will be out on June 30th, which is really soon! I can´t wait to see my pattern in print! And the picture - they changed the pattern a little, I can´t wait to see how it looks! And I wonder what yarn they substituted my yarn with - I used Swedish yarn, hard to come by  in the rest of the world! And, we´ll get a little pay as well, $25, which are going right back into my yarn stash, I´m thinking sock yarn, or possibly Hand Painted Yarn. I can´t wait!


candy socks on the needles

Last summer I got some candy coloured cotton yarn from my SP8 spoiler, very nice and pastel-y. I made some amigurumi keyrings with some of it, but didn´t know what to do with the rest, since I don´t do a lot of cotton knitting. But yesterday I started on socks, with a diamond lace pattern, and they are turning out really nice! The leg became a bit to wide, hopefully it´ll shrink a bit when washed, but even if it doesn´t, it´ll work just fine! I don´t want to go to work, I want to be at home, in my couch, knitting candy socks!

good things comes to those who wait!

Last summer I did Secret Pal 8, I sent packages to Washington DC, and recieved from Canada, and somehow (due to circumstances), I didn´t get my last package from Canada, but now - finally - it´s on it´s way! It´s so exciting, since I know she spins her own yarn, and very nice yarn it is too, and hopefully there will be some in my package. And even if everything would be store bought, I know it will be lovely. I can´t wait! Yay!

ok, fine, so I like socks...

But on the other hand - who doesn´t? If you´re bored with your usual sock pattern, you might want to try one of these, I know I will. Click on the pics, and you will find the pattern!

image32 image35

image34 image33
image36 image37

Both and Magknits are wonderful sources to sock patterns, or try a google search - I came up with loads! And just for fun - check out the new issue of the Anti Craft - lots of great stuff! 

stash-busting socks

Ok, I´m done, I´ve re-knit two pairs of socks, making them a little bit smaller. So what do I do next? I have to do something, my hands are itching to knit (somehow crochet, felties or anything else works - strange), so I dig into my sock leftovers. I try to be careful, so I made the legs really short, only about 2", but still, I am in no way certain that the yarn will be enough for two socks. How´s that for knitting on the edge? But, so a far, the colours look great together, even though I still have to add the loudest one - maybe it will look like crap then. But very happy with it so far, and fingers crossed really hard - I hope the yarn will be enough! Even though there won´t be two identical socks, hope there will be two socks, period!

UPDATE: Just what I thought - the yarn wasn´t enough, I´ll have to wait to finish the last half of the last sock utnil I´ve knitted more socks, and have got more leftovers. Crap.

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