pinny gang - amigurumi purses

Finally, something really cute, that I´ve seen only in Sweden! They are kits, not at all expensive, and as the web shop says, a great gift both made and as a kit, I could definately see me giving one of these babies away in a swap!

crocheted goddess

I don´t only have a thing for yarn, and veganism, and kawaii stuff, and swaps, and interiors, and whatever you might find in my blogs, I am also a wiccan, but perhaps more of a believer than a practicing one, and when I found these very pagan crafty links, I had to share them with you. The link for the crochedted goddess doesn´t work, try this one instead. Ok, never mind the pagan links, I can´t find anyone that works - but do try the goddess!

my throw is growing!

I´m working on my granny square throw, I´ve bought yarn for another two squares, and hope to buy some more in teh end of the week. I´m almost half way done with the squares, and then it´s just a matter of crocheting a border around the whole thing. I hope it will turn out really nice, with all of the hours I´ve put into it... Not no mention quite a lot of yarn money. And I just realized, I haven´t written a word about it before, so here´s about it: I´m making a throw with big, white granny squares, and here´s what it looked like a while back:


crochet a cupcake!

image19 Pretty, yes? Click on it, and you´ll find a free pattern!

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