opal and trekking and lorna´s laces, oh my!

Yupp, all sock yarns (I´m so in love with sock yarns, and I´d love to do a sock club, but a/ they are often rather expensive (it would be nice with a European one) and b/ they are very fast booked full, leaving no spots for me. But, yarn can be aquired in other ways, thank goodness! I´m trading some of my books for yarn (and a Rowan magazine - I love Rowan magazines!), and I just placed an order for some yarn. It all looks like this:


This is two skeins of Opal Feeling (on sale!). I fell in love with the brighter colours on a blog, so I jumped on it when it was 50% off.

Lorna´s Laces "Black Purl". I love the colours, it goes very well with my black soul...

A skein of Trekking sock yarn and four hanks of Classic Elite "Lush", an angora/wool mix (apparantly, according to comments on Ravelry, it sheds a lot, but it should be able to become something) - both of these swapped for books.

image127 image128
The Rowan magazine (some of the patterns are really nice on the first look) and Socks That Rock sock yarn in "Firebird", which is a yarn I´d really love to try. This is a colourway from a sock club, so it´s not available to buy.
Hailey,who is trading the yarn, is also throwing in a sock club key ring and more sock yarn - aren´t there some fabulous knitters out there?!

Lovely loot, isn´t it?! I can´t wait for my camera, I should get it about at the same time as the yarn starts arriving, yay!


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