yay, yarn!

I brought back some yarn from Stockholm yesterday, beautiful Opal sock yarn, and some bamboo DPNs. I saw some wonderful yarn, but I felt to cheap to actually buy anything - I didn´t want to buy only a skein/hank, I wanted to get enough for a project, but I wanted to buy other things as well. As it turned out, I didn´t do a lot of shopping for other stuff, and ended up with money left in my purse when I got home (!!!!). So I bought a couple of skeins of Regia cotton today. Hey - you can´t have too much sock yarn, right? And I have made socks from most of the yarn I got/bought for my bday, so I needed more yarn.


I got this Hundertwasser cotton sock yarn.


And this is the colour of Opal bamboo I bought.
image105 And this Regia cotton.


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