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As you may or may not know, I love to swap, and have done a few (who am I kidding - I have done loads of swaps...), and the way I discovered swapping, is knitting! In all of these knitting blogs, they were talking about Secret Pal swaps, and it sounded like so much fun, I had to try it myself. I wanted to be a part of this, and I wanted great packages too - so I joined. Later on, I discovered GimmeYourStuff, and the rest is history. I´m thinking of cutting way down on my GYS swaps next year, and to do a SP round again - I really miss it, it was so much fun! But anyway, here´s what I got in the two rounds I participated in:

In SP7, my spoiler was Amy, who then lived in Japan, and she sent me this (actually the beginning of my Japanese obsession!):

image22 image23
image24 The yarns are incredible soft, and the patterns in the Japanese craft books are very nice. And this package showed me a first glipse of the amazing kawaii stationary, of which I actually have a little collection now! It sure makes letter-writing more fun!

These packages are recieved from Melanie in Canada, my SP8 spoiler:

image25 image26
The blue and green hanks are hemp yarn, very nice, and the fluffy little cloud, is some alpaca roving, which Melanie made for me - it´s amazingly soft! The yarn in the second package is lace weight alpaca (from an alpaca called Stevie!), so soft, and the soap still lays in my yarn cupboard, smelling divine. And if you believe it or not - another package is actually yet to come! Melanie says it´ll be in the mail on Monday!


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