finally! I´m in a knitting swap!

If you have been reading my main blog dandelion daisy, you know I´ve been doing some swaps (ok, A LOT of swaps) for the last two years or so, mostly kawaii swaps, but some craft oriented as well. Something that most people maybe don´t know, is that Secret Pal started my whole swap obsession, and for a while now, I´ve been wanting to do knitting swaps again. I´ve been impatiently awaiting the next SP round, as well as Vegan Pal 3, I´ve also been oogling the Punk Rock Gift Exchange, but there hasn´t been any signs of any new rounds. Imagine my delight, when there´s a small after-the-holidays vegan secret swap now in January! Yes, of course I jumped on it! Now I´ve got my very own secret pal to spoil, and I´ve got some ideas on what to give her, and that´s all I´m saying about that - I don´t think there are a lot of us in this swap, and  don´t want to spoil anything.


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