yarn reward!

I´m on my 9th day without sweets and treats, it´s almost two weeks, and I already know which yarn to get for my two-week-reward: Lovesticks "Frankensock", a very lovely purple/green sock yarn, which I´m buying on Ravelry.


The first days were really hard - I actually had headaches from sugar withdrawal, now it´s easy, and soon, it´s time to think about the next reward. Some Yarn Pirate would be nice, but I would also love some vegan sock yarn. But I have plenty of time to decide, I haven´t even gotten through my first two weeks yet. Soon though!

ETA: This will do wonders, not only to my yarn stash, but to my weight as well - so far I´ve lost 1½ kg! When the body has gotten used to the lack of sweets and cookies I might have to tweak my diet a bit, but so far so good!

Postat av: sanna

Have a nice daaay :D

2008-01-23 @ 09:34:06
URL: http://wiiiberg.tjejsajten.se
Postat av: Hellcat

Good for you! And the more yarn you set out as your reward, the easier it will be to stick to your resolution!

2008-01-23 @ 13:11:17
URL: http://domesticateddame.blogspot.com/
Postat av: malin

My thought exactly!

2008-01-23 @ 14:34:11
URL: http://malinmaskros.blogg.se/malinmerino
Postat av: vegan pal

I was about to ask a fellow raveler to send you a message, but then I realized I can just leave a comment on your blog...silly me!

Anyway, I'm your vegan swap pal and just wanted to say Hi. I wish I would have thought of this sooner!
I also wanted to let you know that one gift has not arrived yet, and I really want to send it, so my package will be late.
But don't fear!!

I've enjoyed getting to know you through the forums. We hang out in similar circles.
Take Care, SP

2008-01-28 @ 15:13:24

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