knitting obsessivly

I´ve been knitting for the last couple of days, only with breaks for the bathroom. I´ve made a little something for an upcoming swap (and that´s all I´m saying about that!), and I´ve re-knit my Mrs. Beeton´s - before they were knit at a much too loose gauge, now I went down a couple of needle sizes, and they fit perfectly - I may be chubby, but my wrists are thin. Now I have pretty much run out of things to knit (I need to buy more yarn - I have a baby blanket which needs to be finished), the only thing is my Bird´s Eye shawl, which has been dormant for too long (it´s not really a fun knit), so I´ll guess I´ll give it a go - if I bring it to work, at least a few rows should be done.


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