and swooooosh!

(meaning: it was fast, but not as fast as the first three)

Another few hours later in the afternoon, and another three boks is sold at Tradera (I love that place!), which means that there´s only one book left to sell. And I´ve got about 400 SEK (about 60 USD) to buy yarn for. Hmmm... I´m seriously thinking sock club, I´ve found one, Nefarious sock club where the colorways will be inspired by nefarious (Merriam-Webster defines this as: flagrantly wicked or impious; evil; vicious) characters in history and fiction. Think Sweeney Tood, Dr. Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes stories, Lizzie Borden from Fall River, MA, Jack the Ripper from London, perhaps even the Green Goblin from DC Comics. But they'll all be bad guys, and these yarns and stories are guaranteed to creep you out a little. Doesn´t it that sound just lovely? Or if I will save it for the next opening in the Booty club. Or just go shop for some Yarn Pirate yarn... BIG decisions to make!

UPDATE: I decided to go with the Nefarious sock club, but I will probably do the Booty Club later as well. The Nefarious sock club is three months at the time, so I´ll try it, and see how I like the yarns.


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