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I know, I´m not here a lot (I´m keeping four blogs going, so I blog mostly at the one that goes best with my current obsession - now I mainly interior-blog), but it´s fall, winter is up, and there should be some more knitting going on. I am waiting for some swap packages as well, which I hope contains some yarn. I organized my crafting corner the other day, and realized (if I hadn´t before) that I need to do some serious yarn shopping - my stash contained about 6 balls of yarn... Not counting the untouchables, of course, the ones that must never-ever be used, the ones that are given as gifts and in swaps, and may only be fondled on occasion.

Anyway, I thought I´d do another entry on vegan knitting (even though I can´t stay away from the animal fibers... ). I thought I´d give you a little tour on vegan knitting sites, buckle up your seatbelts, and off we go:

Tofu is a staple in the vegan kitchen, how about making it a staple in your knitting basket?
Or have a piece of definately vegan cake!
What the heck - take a look at the entire blog! Both knit- and crochet patterns, and food, and links. Lovely!
Knitting is better, when there´s a tub of ice cream waiting in the freezer!
Buy your not-your-every-day vegan yarns here!
There´s plenty of vegan yarns at kpixie, I did a search and ended up here, but feel free to wanter the perimeters!
I can´t wait for the next Vegan Pal round to begin!
In the mean time, why don´t we dwell on some vegan knitting blogs?

What do you think - is there room for some animal friendliness in your life? You know, there´s a big vegan world out there, and everybody is welcome to join!


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