yarn starvation

My hands are dying to knit, I read only knitting books, I blog about knitting, I lust after yarn - but I can´t knit! All that´s left in my stash, is ment to remain in my stash (mostly swap gifts from abroad), so I don´t have any yarn, and I don´t have any money to spend on yarn either - I´m on a totally involontary yarn diet, and I´m starving! The only thing I have to knit on, is my Bird´s Eye Shawl, and since I do most of my knitting in front of the TV, it doesn´t work, I know, I´ve tried, and all I get to do is un-knit stitches gone wrong. If anybody out there has an urgent need to get rid of some stash - you know where to find me!


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