is knitting a valid excuse for a day in my couch?

Yesterday night, when I started thinking about it, I counted my hours in front of the TV, and came up with 13. I spent thirteen hours in front of the TV yesterday! From 8.20 am to 9.30 pm! But I have a good excuse, I swear - I was knitting. I found a nice pattern for a bag in the 2007 SnB calendar (the 2008 is out soon, and if I counted the days right, I´m on June 13th - I was promised a Friday the 13th, and that´s the only one), and I had yarn that worked, and in exactly the right amount, so I made a bag. I hope it´s dry when I get home, so I can sew it together, and make the lining. I think it´ll turn out nice, if it does, I´ll give it away in an upcoming swap. Yes, it´ll go to a chillier country, I wouldn´t send a wool bag to Singapore. It would be soaked in sweat in a day or two, poor thing. I´ll post a picture later, when the bag is in the mail.


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