are you in it for the process or the project?

By that, I mean: are you knitting for the sake of knitting, or for the sweater/hat/socks/whatever it´s becoming? I think I can say, without giving it too much thought, that I´m a process knitter, big time. An example: I knitted a sweater, and wasn´t happy with it, so I frogged it. Then the yarn became a cardigan, but Iwasn´t happy with it, so I frogged it. Now I have this bunch of yarn, waiting for a new project. I knitted a pocho four times (knit-frog-knit-frog-knit-frog-knit-frog), and now it´s finally a cowl and a bag. I´m not sure if I´m happy with them... And now, my fingers are aching to knit, and I lack severely in the yarn department, so what do i do? Well, I have these socks in Regia yarn (see earlier post), which are too big, and I have been disturbed about it for the longest time. Now I´ve frogged one foot, and began re-knitting it, and already I feel much better about it. I know I wouldn´t have bothered, if I hadn´t been dying to get my hands on some needles and yarn. So what do you think, process or project? Or just very fussy? Tell me - what are you guys? Process or project?


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