chunky pages here there and everywhere

I´ve got chunky pages up to my ears . I´ve recieved pages from five players for my chunky PAT and Tea Party chunky swap, very nice pages too!

And I´ve finally recieved my returns from the chunky swaps I did. First the best chunky swap ever, the Pretty Girls Mixed Media:


And then the Wizard of Oz chunky pages:


I´ve also done Marie Antoinette ATCs for a swap on Marie Antoinette Mail Art, but I´m not sure I like them enough to send them in...

Postat av: Gina Smith

We really must do a 1:1 swap! I would love something like your Pretty Girl and your Goth/Tim Burton art-like ATC or 4 x 4 size. What would you like from me?

2009-05-24 @ 04:13:32

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