marie antoinette, gothic girls and all things egyptian

I had to join the Mixed Media Marie Antoinette swap at, I hope the cards are mixed media enough...

I actually feel rather good about these cards, I´m happy I´m making one extra card to keep!

I´m also doing a private 1/1 trade, and was going to do a goth girl with a cat. I had a sudden burst of inspiration, and made two cards. Since I can´t decide which one to send, I´m sending both:


And I got my returns from the All things Egyptian swap today:

I know I said i wasn´t feeling very ATC at the moment, but it´s getting better - the more cards I get to make, the more fun it is!

Postat av: Anonym

Love the Marie Antoinette cards!

2008-10-25 @ 12:16:50

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