hunting for yarn in Stockholm on a Sunday

And a hunt it truly was! I found one open yarn store (I didn´t go to Gamla Stan (Old Town), because the shops are open for just a few hours on Sundays), everything else was closed. And what was supposed to be a big stash enhancement, only ended up being one hank for a swap. I don´t know if I´m overly picky - I´ve been drooling over the fabulous sock yarns over at Ravelry, and I can´t find anything as great in the shops here. I did encourage the owner of the only open shop, to get some more sock yarn, I mentioned Socks That Rocks and Yarn Pirate, hope I get lucky! I did buy some fabric, though (I was going to use what was left of my money to shop on the Internet, but somehow I used up all of it... Strange how things can happen...), one for a swap (if I can bare to part from it, it was so pretty!), and three other, and last night I used some of it to sew a couple of swap presents. They have a lot of nice fabrics at Åhlèns this spring!

What I could have put to good use yesterday, is this, something I will definitely print for the next time I go looking for yarn!

I´ve managed to do some knitting too, even though I have a very meager stash. I got three skeins of mohair yarn (called "Malin", just like me!) from my sister last Christmas (2006 that is), and I haven´t used it since. Until now, when I´m knitting a scarf from it, the yarn is three colours, grey, red and green, so I´m doing thin stripes and a sort of elongated seed stitch, it looks better than I thought it would! But you can feel it´s a cheap yarn when knitting, the mohair fuzz that should be even along the yarn, is in "lumps", making the yarn not very great to knit with. What is great, though, is my wooden needles - it´s the first time with them for me, and knitting with them feels amazing! I am so getting more wood needles!

And since  couldn´t find any yarn for me, I´m buying some online instead - a black/purple from an etsy store (from Germany, so the price and shipping is a lot lower), and some sock yarn I found on Ravelry (from a Swedish member, so the shipping is cheap). Yay, sock yarn! Not to mention the yarn in the mail on its way here, and a couple of swaps including yarn due this month. I feel I´m being almost showered with yarn, which is a very good feeling, I can tell you!


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