absolute madness!

I sent some books yesterday, those I´ve traded for yarn, and I was totally flabberghasted when they told me the price. One book to the US cost me 160 SEK, about $25, and I sent two books, plus one small one to the UK (70 SEK, about $11). The 33 SEK, $5, I payed to ship within Sweden feels almost miniscule in comparisant! Almost 500 SEK, $78 for sending four books! Suddenly, this trading books for yarn-thing doesn´t seem as appealing... I think I´ll keep to good old Sweden, and try to sell the rest of the books on Tradera.

Madness you caould also call why I keep knitting on my Bird´s Eye shawl - I don´t like the yarn, the colour or the pattern, still I keep knitting it. I don´t even think I´ll like the finished product, and still I keep knitting it. I have an idea for a present for my sister (she is always so kind and lends me money when I´m broke, which is too often), when I get the yarn for that one, I think I´ll throw my shawl and the yarn as far away as I possibly can. Until then, I just keep knitting, to keep my hands occupied. That crappy shawl...


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