I want yarn!

You know when people say they don´t have any yarn? And then they have loads and loads, but htey don´t want any of that yarn? Well, I don´t have any yarn. At all. And I don´t have any money to shop for yarn either, though I will definately make room for some yarn in the budget whan I get money on Thursday. And I´ve been showing my empty yarn box to my sisters, hoping they will take a hint - it´s my bday on Friday, and yarn is never a bad thing to recieve. I´m waiting for the money for me participating in the Stitch n Bitch Calendar 2008, and for money for a bag I made for a girl on flickr, that will be about $45, and all of it will become YARN. I don´t know what, yet, but my thoughts goes in the sock yarn direction, maybe something like this (click the pics!):

image77 image78 image79
(or almost any of the other colours!)
image80 image81 image82
image83 image84 image85
image86 image87 image88

The problem is not finding great yarn - the problem is choosing what to buy! Since I can´t afford everything (even if I want to...), and this is just a selection, and only from one shop, kpixie (which is probably is where I will end up shopping). I really want to try the Tofutsies yarn (tofu yarn - yay!), but the yarn bunch is a really good buy. I don´t know, fortuantely I have some time to think about it.


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