I bought yarn!

I went to Stockholm yesterday, together with my sister, to treat myself on my birthday. I found some good things, clothes, shoes, but my last buy for the day was yarn. Sock yarn. Yay! Garnstudio have a new, cheap sock yarn, less than half the usual price (compared to for example Regia), and I bought yarn for one pair of socks, and my sister bought for another pair, for my birthday. She bought for herself as well, for me to knit of course - she doesn´t knit. The good thing is, her yarn will be a perfect addition to my leftover socks, so I´ll be happy to knit socks for her, as long as I get to keep the leftover yarn.

image96 image100 image98
The first one I bought, the second one my sister got for me, and the third my sister got for herself, but I knitted the socks.


I also drooled over some Regia yarn, designed by Kaffe Fassett, amazing colours. It´s definately on my shopping list next time!


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