I saw the cutest capelet in a store in Stockholm, but I thought it was too pricy, so now I´m searching for a capelet pattern on the net. I found some nice ones:

Crocheted capelet

Teensey capelet

Reversible winter capelet

Vintage capelet (hmmm... maybe this one, but with a hood instead of a collar...)

Bainbridge scarf (is not a capelet, but I love how it looks, what do you think?)

Neither of them is what I want, a simple, open in the front, kinda raglan knitted, with a hood - anyone seen a pattern for that? Or have any ideas on how to do it? I was thinking of using a pattern for a raglan, top down cardigan, and stop knitting before I get to the sleeves, and then adding the hood - I mean, really - how hard could it be?


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