pay it forward!

I´ve seen this around for a while, and now I have to join the masses. I joined at "Tekopp", here´s what you do:

Here's the deal: Be one of the first three people to comment here saying you want to play, and I'll send you something handmade. In return, you post on your blog saying you'll do the same for the first three people to comment there.

So - for the first three who comment here, I´ll send something handmade, it´ll problably involve yarn or fabric in some way or another, I´ll say it right now - I won´t probably send right away, but within the next months. So, if you are formarly a lurker - step out of your lurking safety, and pay it forward!

Postat av: Lady Gray

Hey that's so cool! I'm participating too but with people from the french forum I go to =) thanks for the add on ravelry!

2007-12-21 @ 19:29:31
Postat av: Ulla

I join this too


2008-01-12 @ 12:49:51

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