hönan Lily

Den här historien, med en sorglig början och ett lyckligt slut, kom med veckans nyhetsbrev från PETA:


Lily came from a battery hen operation and was thrown out as though she were nothing more than a piece of trash because of her bad health. She had been left to die in a parking lot. Her beak had been cut off in an effort to prevent her from pecking at other chickens. She hardly had any feathers left?a result of the burning ammonia fumes that she had to breathe for her entire life.

Lily was nearly dead, but from the time that a PETA staffer first laid eyes on her, she seemingly sensed that she was going to have a second chance.

After getting immediate veterinary care, she was lovingly nursed back to health by her new human family, who even fed her by hand. She couldn't see for a week because her eyes had also been damaged, but her voice?like the voice of a purring cat?showed that she felt love and safety for the first time.

She was also comforted by other chickens at her new home. They gathered around her at night to keep her warm until her feathers grew in.

Lily learned to enjoy life. She would jump on top of one of her new companions, a rescued pig named Nali, to get a better view of the world. She would leap in the air to eat grapes off a vine. And she would sneak into the house and leave a gift of an egg in a recliner where her human companions sat.

Lily escaped her miserable fate and found love, peace, and safety. She passed away last year after being in her new home for four wonderful years