sock clubs

I mentioned sock clubs in my previous post, I thought I should elaborate some on that topic. For you who haven´t heard of it: a sock club is a subscription on sock yarn, often from a smaller yarn brand, often with some extra goodies in the packages. The yarns are exclusive for the sock club, and as far as I´ve seen - to die for!

Here´s some of the ones I´ve seen:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Rockin´ Sock Club"

Make 1 yarns "m1´s Sock Club"

The Yarn Tree "Sock Club"

I Knit "Sock Club" (UK based) "Hill Country Yarn Sock Club" ($60 + ev. international shipping for tree packages, which makes it fairly cheap)

"Woolgirl Sock Club"

Fyberspates "Sock Club" (UK based - I´m really considering this one)

Yarn Grove "Tofutsie Sock Yarn Club" (all slots are filled through April 2008)

Zen String "Sock Yarn Club" ($90 + additional international shipping makes this one of the cheaper as well)

Yarn Pirate "Booty Club" (I´m so tempted to do this one!)

There you have it, a pick out of the big pile that is sock clubs (google and you´ll get thousandsof hits, of course not all clubs, but several). On the top of my wish list is the "Booty Club" and "Rockin´ Sock Club", but just trying one would be fun.


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