little socks

I don´t knit a lot of kid´s clothes, because I don´t have any children. I usually just make something for friends/sisters when they´ve just had a new baby, but that´s pretty much it. But now, my hands has been bitten by the knitting bug, and I don´t have much yarn (the few skeins I have wants to become a stash - I want to be a person with a huge stash, now it´s only a few hanks and skeins, and some are not for knitting), and the sock yarn remnants I have don´t work for making stashbusters, so it´s becoming kid´s socks. A friend had a baby a couple of months ago, and I haven´t finished his blanket yet, so I made socks too. My sister says that I haven´t ever knit anything for her son, so he´s getting socks too, but I had less yarn than I thought, so I have to mix in another colour way (red/orange/brown mixed with pink/blue/purple/green/yellow - and it actually work - I´m doing alternate rows, so it´s not stripey, just varigated), hope they don´t find the socks too girly. And I hope they fit, I made them to fit a five-year-old, and my nephew is 3, but with big feet. Hope they fit (fingers crossed!)!

And talking about my nephew, I have to babysit him on Sunday morning (I have to leave from home at 6am), the only day in the week I have off. Do I have to say I´m not that happy about it?


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