I know, it´s a bit on the late side, and probably not even necessary

but I´m posting my vegan post-holiday swap qestionnaire:

Ravelry handle: malinmerino (I know, not that sheep friendly, but it was the only fiber on "m" I could think about at the time)
How long have you been vegan? Or are you transitioning? I´ve been vegan on and off for the last ten years, been vegetarian for 17 years.
What are your favorite vegan products? dark chocolate! Also, since I live in Sweden, we don´t have that much to choose from as in the UK and USA, so I jump for joy everytime I see a new vegan product - yesterday vegan burgers, yay!
Knitter or crocheter? Spinner? All of the above? Mostly knitter, crochet occassionally
Favorite type of yarn? Favorite colors? vegan heretic when it comes to yarn - since I love to knit socks, I do use wool, but am very intersted in trying non-animal yarns (not to fond of cotton, though). Especially in sock yarn, I love multicolour (am very eclectic in that area, maybe not very blue yarns, or very beige/brown yarns), otherwise I love pale pink, green, black, pastels à la Cath Kidston
What do you usually knit/crochet? Anything new that you want to try? mostly socks, need a new scarf, am thinking of knitting a capelet of some kind
Any pets? two cats, Lipton and Titus
Hobbies? knitting (duh...), vintage housekeeping, collecting kawaii (stationary, cram cream, decotapes), reading, shopping
Are you willing to ship internationally? absolutely (or I will end up swapping with myself...)
Any last thoughts? Allergies? Etc.? allergic to smoke and pineapple, don´t drink coffee or black/green tea, I guess I don´t have to mention red/chewy candy is no-no...


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