the generous place that is Ravelry

By the sound of my very secret Vegan Pal, my package will come soon - the last items have arrived, and it´ll be in the mail tomorrow. Exciting!

Very lovely, and very generous, is another Raveller (she will remain nameless - she doesn´t want her generosity to be taken advantage of, which I totally understand) who is actually giving me a hank of Yarn Pirate "Kona". Thank you so much, I really, really appreciate it!


ETA: I just found out - she has another YP hank to give away, "Calamity", can you believe how lucky I am?! Thank you!


Postat av: it's a secret

Hello! Yes, your package was mailed out last Tuesday morning. I mailed it priority, but I really have no idea how long it takes.
Sorry for the wait...hang in there! :)

2008-02-12 @ 02:04:02

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