one pair down

I finished the socks for my sister this morning, and gave them to her today, and fortunately she liked them. They are a bit big, but since she´ll be wearing them on top of thinner socks, that works just fine. I also started knitting a pair for me, with tiny cable ribbing, they will be nice, I think, but would look better in a yarn with "cleaner" stripes, this yarn has stripes, and "fair isle" and streaks of colour, it´s kinda busy, and I´m not sure if I like it (actually, the same problems as the red yarn for my sister) - maybe in a totally pattern free sock, but I want to make socks with patterns - I want to try lace and cables and different ribbings - I´m sick of plain ol´socks.



I got some decoupage paper from a friend for my birtday, it was beautiful, perfect colours and prints, but since I don´t do paper crafts, she gave me permission to exchange it for something else, so yesterday I did just that, and came home with a couple of skeins of Regia sock yarn, in a very 80s colour - pink, orange, white and grey, I think it´s this one:
Hmm... It kinda screams "plain ol´socks" as well...


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