I´m a knitting sock machine

I finished my pink tiny cable/rib socks last night, and they turned out quite nice, even though I didn´t fancy the yarn much - the fit is perfect, and from a bit of a distance, they don´t look as busy. And I immediately cast on another pair, in green/blue/orange. These stripes I like much better, and the colours are nice together as well. I´m doing a really simple pattern, simply rows of yo´s down the leg, with broad bands of stockinette in between, and it works really well with the yarn. These socks are much more fun to knit, ´cause this time it´s actually fun to see the stripes emerge. The only downside is the heel, I didn´t want to do a heel flap, but instead work it in the round, to get better stripes, but I didn´t have any pattern at home for that kind of heel and that yarn weight. So I need to go look for more sock patterns. Poor me...

More good things - I scheduled for another swap with Iris in the UK this winter, entirely focused on yarn and fabric - yay!


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