with some colour on her cheeks

I´ve painted three out of 20 Marie pages, and started on a few. They are turning out rather nice, I think, even though she looks more like Marge Antoinette... Of course I need to add a back and some embellishing, but it does like I´ll finish the pages in good time before the due date.

Oh, can you see that I´ve joined a photo editing site? My favourite part is the cropping - now can I make chunky photos without the ugly edges on the sides. I also brightened the photo a bit, much needed, because of the lack of light here at the moment.

I´m also going to join the Itty Bitty Book Club (of course I couldn´t resist!). It´s $2 a month, and I think it´s so worth it. Sad part - I´ve missed several giveaways of itty bitty books... Good part - I´m doing a tea swap with follow your bliss from the book club.


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