alice chunkies

Yesterday I worked on chunkies for my next project, an Alice in Wonderland chunky book. I will recieve my first traded Alice page soon, so I didn´t want it to be all alone. So I did a front page, and a Queen of Hearts.

I´ll add some lace around the edges, and I don´t know what to do about the back.

I also came up with an idea for a chunky swap, "Tea Party", I think that can be a fun one. So I drew a bit on an idea for a page, and it might turn out rather ok. I don´t have any chunkies to work on, since I withdrew from the Found Poetry and the Wonderful Trees swaps - I simply couldn´t come up with any good pages on those themes. And I have done the private trades for this month. So a tea party swap is just what I need at the moment, I think!

Postat av: iHanna

Roliga, speciellt drottningen som inte har nåt huvud. Påminner mig om "dåliga" fotografier, jag gillar såna dock. :-)

2009-03-20 @ 14:23:43

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