chunky books

I´ve been oogling the chunky book pages I´ve seen on AFA and flickr, but haven´t had the nerve to try them out for myself. Until now! Yesterday I joined two chunky books pages swaps, one Pretty girls (à la Suzi Blu), and one Wizard of Oz. And last night I began working on the Pretty girls pages, and now I´ve finished three. Well, almost finished - one of the things with chunky books, is the dangly parts, and I yet have to add them. But they are painted, both back and front.


I´m actually liking what I´ve made so far! But I don´t know if they´re mixed media and layered enough, though...

Oh, and if anyone wonder what the heck chunky books are, you can check out these links:

Chunky Book Arts on flickr.

Or this chunky books search on flickr.

This should answer all of your questions about what, how, and what to make.


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