I do love writing in all ways possible

Sometimes you can´t help stumble upon great sites on the net, and then you forget where you saw them. At least, that´s the case with me (things will change though - I finally have a computer, and hopefully I´ll get it running by the time I get internet installed, and then I can bookmark stuff!). So sometimes I save links on my blog. Ok, it means I have to search a bit to find them, and sometimes I stumble upon them as forgotten treasures. Because I rarely put them in my link collection...

Ok. This one I really like, where you can make your very own library cards. Don´t forget to write a catalogue number, or it won´t work...

I also love dymo labels, and I wish I had a dymo maker. If you want the look on your computer, this is a great place - you can make labels with all sorts of fonts, both classic dymo, and lots of others. Got to love it!

You can make them in different colours, I´ve made several in plain b/w and printed them, and used them on the backs of chunkies. And very pretty do they look!


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