pointy hats, alternative alice and a new swap

I´ve got my returns from the Pointy hats and crowns swap, the yellow bird card was one of my favourites, so I was happy to get that one:

I got rockstarsgirls cards for my Alternative Alice swap, so all of tha cards have arrived, and I also sent them out today.

These are the cards I kept for my returns, I chose cards from the artists that didn´t send me an extra hostess card:

I´ve posted a tread for my new swap, Wonderland Tarot, and it will be approved when the Alternative Alice´s are beginning to reach their recipients. Yay!

I have a card for trade:

It was meant for the VIctorian Villain swap, but I didn´t find it villanous enough, so I made another card (Mrs. Lovett and one of her meat pies) instead, and will trade this instead.


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