atc slump

I´ve been so inte ATCs for the past 6 months or so, I guess it´s only natural (for me!) that the interest is fading - I´m finding other things more interesting at the moment. I haven´t signed up for a swap for a while, and haven´t traded much lately (saying that, I´ve got two cards in the mail, and I´m working for cards for a 9/9 trade). I still check in to, but right now, all I want to do, is get into the Christmas preparations (yes, already!), hang at the Vintage HouseKeeping Circle (it´s finally up - yay!), and fiddle about in my flat. Very fall-y things, I guess.

So, I´m not quitting ATCs, but they might not get as much attention as they have lately. Heck, who knows - I might even get some readers back on my blog!


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